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Group/Organisation Development


There are, in our experience, four broad questions, which determine the feasibility of all social enterprise projects.  First, is there demand or need for what we propose to do?  Second, is it sustainable and financially viable in the longer term?  Third, do we have the requisite skills for the job?  Fourth, can we raise sufficient monies for any capital investment, which may be required?  Our products are designed to address all these questions. For example, we look at developing a legal entity and offer mentoring


Business Reviews
(Business Health Check)


A business review provides you with detailed analysis of your current operations, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, and identifying any potential opportunities and threats, which may not have occurred to you.  It can be surprisingly difficult to assess our own corporate skills and strengths objectively, and to see the wider picture when we are involved in the thick of our own business operations, and this product is also an invaluable tool when company expansion and development are considered.

Feasibility Studies


Feasibility Study is a generic term that includes more than one product designed to assess the viability of a specific project or development proposal.  A feasibility study provides a needs analysis, investigates potential sources of capital investment, assesses the level of support for your project from any third parties whom you consider relevant to its success and provides an appropriate business plan.  Demographic indicators and other market related data are investigated using appropriate desk research and field research can be included if required.  Social enterprises have much in common with private sector developments, but they also differ in some important ways, and the feasibility study will also highlight the relevant factors in this context.

Funding Strategies


Although all social enterprises need to demonstrate their sustainability in the longer term, most will require an often-complex package of investment to provide the capital necessary to launch a new project.  We have extensive knowledge of the funding sources relevant to social enterprise in Wales, gained over many years of working with government, grant making organisations and trusts and private sector investors.  We use this unique experience to produce the best funding strategy for your project

Market Research & Marketing Plans.

Market research is the process of systematically gathering, recording and analyzing data and information about customers, competitors, and the market.  It provides vital information about potential demand or need for your proposed project, and is used to help create a business plan, launch a new product or service, fine tune existing products and services, and expand into new markets.  We undertake desk and field research and prepare written marketing plans designed to ensure the success of your project

Business Planning


The main purpose of a business plan is to investigate the financial viability of your project and to demonstrate its sustainability in the longer term.  We prepare business plans, which describe your project in detail, separate and identify its component parts into discreet areas, and illustrate its viability with appropriate financial projections.  Our business plans are invaluable tools for use with a wide variety of supporters, potential investors and any other interested parties, and can be readily converted by you for a range of marketing and management purposes. 

Management Support Services


We also provide a range of mentoring and support services tailored to meet your organisation’s needs:

Strategic Planning, Training, Company Formation, Events, Community Consultations, Demographic Mapping
Monitoring and evaluation, Finance, Procurement, Management Structures. Succession Planning. Skills Share
Product Development . Process Consultations. Futures Planning

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